6 Reasons Moms Can (& Should) Start an Instagram Business

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6 Reasons Moms Can (& Should) Start an Instagram Business | justjeslyn.com

Instagram – it’s a powerful (& free!) app where you can build relationships with other moms AS WELL as relationships with brands that are helpful to your audience. I waited so long before I took my Instagram to the next level and started partnering with brands but I don’t want you to! Keep reading for 6 reasons why you should start your own Instagram business today…


A few years ago, it seemed like there was a select group of “insta-moms” who magically grew a large Instagram following and had all the best gadgets and baby clothes in all the land. Remember that?

These days, there is no select club. Any mom (or anyone) can turn their personal Instagram into an Instagram business and partner with brands they love! You don’t need a gigantic following, a fancy camera, or a perfectly manicured home. If I can do it, YOU can do it too! Okay, let’s get into some specific reasons why.


For those of us who love the gram, we’re on Instagram anyways so why not make it into a side hustle business. We all know how Instagram can suck us in (in a good OR bad way) and we end up jumping from one post to another – commenting, liking, and viewing.

After all, that’s what Instagram is designed for, right? But what if there was a way for you to enjoy your time on Instagram AND benefit at the same time by partnering with brands you love? Would you do it? You can absolutely make that a reality – anyone can!

6 Reasons Moms Can (& Should) Start an Instagram Business | justjeslyn.com


Building your Instagram into a business means building a larger audience. An audience of people who want to hear your unique perspective. It’s easy to think, “There are so many Instagrammers out there. Is there really room for me?” The answer is absolutely, YES!

An abundance mentality tells us that there is room for everyone and I wholeheartedly believe that’s true. There is no one else on this planet like you and no one else who shares your special point of view. People will be drawn to your distinctive personality and you deserve to be heard. Instagram is a wonderful place to get your voice out into the world and start changing people’s lives!

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As moms, we are constantly serving others. It’s a beautiful responsibly and privilege that I do not take for granted. But sometimes it can leave us feeling depleted – like we need something that is just our own. A place to pour our creativity into.

Everyone has their own special gifting but there is always someone else who is interested in the same thing. Instagram is the perfect place to put your creatively out into the world and connect with others who share your passions.

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4. IT’S FUN!

This might seem like a given but I think it’s important to note that being an Instagram influencer or content creator is soo fun! When you get that first package of free product in the mail, you’ll feel like a little kid on Christmas. Then when you get your first check in the mail, it will be even better.

Another fun aspect is actually creating the content! Using your creativity to set up a photo shoot and style the products is really fulfilling. Then, seeing all your hard work come together when you post the finished product will leave you beaming with joy!

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There are so many brands and big companies that are searching for people to test and promote their products. They are looking for micro-influencers (people with modest sized audiences) to share a personal perspective about their products. What does that mean for you?

It means you’ll have boxes lined up at your front door waiting for you to open! I’m not saying this will just magically happen but if you put in the work of finding brands you love and contacting them, a lot of the time they will happily send product your way in exchange for social sharing. That’s how collaboration works and if you seek out products you already use and love, you’re saving yourself money and having a ton of fun!

6 Reasons Moms Can (& Should) Start an Instagram Business | justjeslyn.com


There is no one moment when everyone starts making money from Instagram. It’s different for each person. I know people who have made money with 1K followers while I didn’t start making money until I had 5K followers. However, the common thread is that you just have to ask. Literally, just ask during your negotiation with a company and see what happens!

You should value your creativity and your time. Placing value on yourself will help you to confidently charge a fee for your work on Instagram. Making extra money for yourself and your family can be very rewarding and you deserve it!

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I hope you enjoyed this article and that you are inspired to take your Instagram to the next level and start your own personal Instagram business!

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18 thoughts on “6 Reasons Moms Can (& Should) Start an Instagram Business”

  1. I just recently started an Instagram of my own a week ago. I loved your article. I am curious if you have an article on a guide to how to make money, receive free products with Instagram. Did you have people approach you first or did you approach them?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Thanks so much for stopping by! I do have a guide to optimize your Instagram for monetization. The link is in this post. I will be working on more posts about those topics soon and I do talk about it more in my email list! I have had companies reach out to me and I have contacted them as well. 🙂 Good luck!

      1. I love Instagram. I had a page I built for years then it was hacked and deleted. I started over and now have 3 for different things that I do. So many options on IG. Thanks for sharing.

        1. You’re welcome. Bummer! I had an account hacked too. I tried doing multiple accounts but I can’t keep up with it. lol

  2. I love this! I actually made my first money “blogging” with Instagram! So many ways to make money with them: Heartbeat, Activate, and so much more. I haven’t mastered the cold pitch to companies though!

  3. I haven’t really gotten into IG yet. I have a scheduled post every morning but that is about it right now. FB is my favorite and just this past year started taking off on Pinterest. Thanks for your great tips!

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