These Self Care Ideas Might Cure Your Summer Burnout

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Summer is my favorite season and I love everything about it from the fresh fruit to the warm beaches. In all the fun, it’s important to be intentional about self-care. That’s why I’m sharing with you 5 summer self-care ideas for moms.

These self-care ideas for moms will help keep you healthy and happy all summer long. Let’s dive right in…


Summer is hot! That means you’re sweating more and will need to drink more water. It’s easy to grab a sugary drink during summer parties but resist the urge and chug some water instead. Drinking more water can improve your skin, flush your body of toxins, and give you more energy!

One of my favorite ways to drink more water is to get a cute reusable bottle to drink it out of. I promise it works! It’s better for the environment than using plastic bottles and they are portable so you can tote your water around with you all summer. Some of my favorite bottles to drink out of are stainless steel or glass.

My all-time favorite water bottles are from Healthy Human. They come in all different colors and sizes of stainless steel. They can be used for hot or cold beverages and stay cold for 12 hrs! Perfect for those hot summer days. I use mine every day. I linked my favorites on my Amazon Influencer Page.

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I love being outside in the sun all year round. *perks of living in FL😉 * Vitamin D is so good you and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Try going outside for a few minutes and soaking in the sun. It make you feel alive and relaxed after being inside for too long!

Of course, it’s also super important to protect your skin and eyes from the harshness of the sun. You can do this by wearing a healthy sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. You’ll look super cute and be protected! My favorite sunscreen is BabyGanics. I did some research and found the best natural sunscreens so you can choose your favorite. ⬇

Drunk Elephant – Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30
Thinksport Kids Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 – 6oz
SPF 25 Face Sunscreen- Damascus Rose by Badger (1.6oz Sunscreen)
Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 50
All Good Unscented Sunstick – SPF 30 – 0.6oz
Goddess Garden Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 50 – 3.4oz


Another one of my favorite self-care ideas for summer is playing in the water. It’s not just for kids! I’ve fallen into the habit of not joining in the fun because I’ve been pregnant or had a newborn over the past few years but I’ve been making an effort to just get in and you should too!

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Try heading to the pool, beach, lake, or river at least once a week. Being in water has a calming effect and can naturally de-stress your body. Also, it’s just fun!

Don’t forget to get a cute suit for summer! I have 2 bathing suits from Next that I love! They fit amazingly and are sporty enough for playing with the kids. Next is an active swimwear brand for women with busy lifestyles. (Perfect for moms! 👏)


Summer is the perfect time for gardening and getting dirty! We can have a tendency to wear shoes and gloves all the time and never touch the dirt but it’s more fun to just let yourself get a little dirty and enjoy your time in nature. There’s a reason kids love playing in the dirt. We could take some notes from them.

5 Self Care Ideas For Summer | Stay Hydrated, Soak Up The Sun, Play in The Water, Get Dirty, Remember To Rest. |

One of my favorite items for gardening is this apron from Roo Apron. You can carry just about anything you want in it! I even use it inside to clean the house. 😆 Other tools I use are a small garden trowel and spray nozzle wand for my hose. I linked up some of my favorites on my Amazon Influencer Page.

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This self-care idea can be a tough one, especially in Summer. Summer is a very busy season which is fun but tiring! Being intentional about taking days off to rest and getting full nights of sleep is so important.

Try not to fill your schedule to the brim. Also, don’t let those lighter nights trick you into staying up too late. Sleeping is important and you’ll feel so much better the next day if you don’t stay up too late. Plus, getting into your jammies and robe is a self-care idea in itself! It’s my favorite.

I hope you enjoyed these summer self-care ideas and that you put them into practice. You will feel so much healthier and happier when you do! You can view my full list of Summer Self Care Essentials HERE!

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5 Self Care Ideas For Summer | Stay Hydrated, Soak Up The Sun, Play in The Water, Get Dirty, Remember To Rest. |

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12 thoughts on “These Self Care Ideas Might Cure Your Summer Burnout”

  1. All amazing things to keep in mind for the summer! Especially the get dirty one, I think it’s just as important for parents as it is for kids.

  2. Great ideas! I’m from FL and now in Phoenix – hydration has always been essential for me! I love that gardening apron. And living in my bathrobe in the evenings too 🙂

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