Sashka Co. Bracelets Review: Are They Legit?!

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I first discovered Sashka Co. bracelets last year and I instantly fell in love with their effortless simplicity and ease of stacking. Today, I’m giving you my full honest review and hooking you up with a sweet coupon code because I know you’ll want to get some for yourself!

Disclosure: I was gifted items for this post from Sashka Co.


Sashka Co. glass beaded bracelets are handcrafted by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Each bracelet is carefully handmade bead by bead.

Skill, passion, and some of the worldโ€™s finest glass and sterling silver beads go into each bracelet. Proceeds empower Nepali artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade.

I love the mission and passion behind the company and I truly enjoy thinking about each artisan who poured their skill and love into the bracelets I wear. What a beautiful story to remember when you put on your jewelry every day!

Sashka Co. Bracelets Review |


I have super small wrists so it’s hard for me to find jewelry that fits me correctly. That’s why I love that Sashka Co. bracelets roll over your hand and retract to your wrist for a perfect fit – guaranteed.

When you roll them on, the size of your hand determines the fit on your wrist. This allows the bracelet to fit perfectly on any size wrist.

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The first time you roll your bracelet over your hand it may feel tight but after a few times, it will fit perfectly.

If you like a looser fit you can stretch your bracelet out by rolling it up to the larger part of your hand and spreading your hand. If you want to set your bracelet back to its smallest size place it in warm water and set it aside to dry and it will shrink back down. How cool is that?!

They have several sizes including a kids size! My son literally wears his Sashka Co. bracelets day and night! I am not exaggerating. He just loves them!

They are also virtually indestructible. I have 4 kids and I live a very active lifestyle and I’ve never had a problem with my bracelets breaking.

You can pull on them all you want and they won’t budge. If by some chance they do break, they have a lifetime guarantee so they will replace it!


My favorite part about Sashka Co. bracelets is they’re simple! I’m not a huge jewelry person because I don’t like to over-accessorize. With these bracelets, I can style with ease and not feel like I’m overdoing my look.

My two favorite ways to style them are:

Ombre or Rainbow: Sashka Co. bracelets come in so many beautiful colors. I’m obsessed with wearing a few solids of different colors and ordering them to create a rainbow or ombre effect. So beautiful, right?!

Sashka Co. Bracelets Review |

Stacked: I often blend different patterns or colors together with charm bracelets to create a super fun look!

Sashka Co. Bracelets Review |


I love partnering with Sashka Co. because they are so generous! They are offering 50% off to my readers! *wink wink* That’s YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Sashka Co. Bracelets Review: Are They Legit?!”

  1. I love your bracelets!! I have 8 of them!! Giving , so far, 5 away for Christmas presents!! I get so many compliments on them!! And because I have so many I can wear them in different color schemes!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! P.S. I’m allergic to medals, another plus!! Wonderful!!!

    1. That’s so awesome! Thank you for your support! If you want more use my link and code HOLIDAY70 for 70% off for Black Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I ordered 15 of these bracelets for gifts they arrived at differenttines because I placed three different orders.They are beautiful however they came packaged with 2 in each pouch with 3 in one. I ended up paying extra for more pouches which I hope arrive before Christmas. Not happy about having to spend extra for pouches.

      1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your bracelets. I’m sure their customer service would be happy to help you with any concerns you have. Merry Christmas!

      2. I agree, I too had some arrive 2 or 3 to a pouch and since they were gifts had to purchase extra pouches, but I didnโ€™t have time to wait and went to Micheals for extra pouches. Gathered up my mom and daughters cards to put in pouches as these too were shorted.

  2. I have 8 or 9. I absolutely love them. They ship so quick. They are always running great sales. I have noticed that a couple looked different than the picture. Buy all you can, you won’t regret it.

    1. Hi, I agree. The shipping time is fantastic! They are handmade so there can be some variation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your support!

  3. Love these bracelets, have several, short shipping time, well made. Money goes to a very good cause besides. Always hard to decide which ones I want to buy….

  4. love these i wear them 24 hours a day they are great just checking them out o see how great they are just got 2 more . Ilike to get them when i can get a good discount .They are pretty and great thanks.

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