The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020)

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I LOVE Christmas & I love Christmas inspiration! You can never have too much – am I right?!

I tend to be one who loves to set the holiday mood with all the cozy moments, twinkling lights, and warm drinks. Isn’t it the best?!

That’s why I’ve curated the ultimate list of Christmas inspiration for 2020 just for you so you can get in the holiday mood this year!

Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020)

1) 7 Christmas Decor Trends For 2020 You Should Definitely Try

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about all the Christmas decor trends. I just LOVE this time of year because it’s always a time to celebrate with friends and family!

This year has been a tough one so I think every one is getting really in the Christmas decor trends for 2020! We are all in need of some cozy vibes right now!

Check out the best Christmas decor trends for 2020 here.

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

2) 100+ Dreamy Christmas Instagram Hashtags (2020)

Christmas time is right around the corner and if you’re an Instagram user you’re probably looking for some Christmas Instagram hashtags to go with all of those gorgeous Christmas pictures you’ll be posting this holiday!

Picking the right hashtags is very important if you want your content to be seen on Instagram. That’s why I’m sharing the best Christmas hashtags for 2020.

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The list has been curated for the best Christmas hashtags for 2020 to inspire your Christmas Instagram posts! You can check out all the cozy Christmas hashtags here!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

3) 12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2020

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas time without a Christmas tree! These days Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes so it can be hard to choose just one style.

Read this post to discover 12 of the most gorgeous Christmas tree ideas for 2020!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

4) 30+ Best DIY Christmas Decorations to Try This Holiday Season

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? I must admit I decorate early every year! Now is the perfect time to gather supplies to create some adorable DIY Christmas decorations!

I’ve gathered the cutest DIY Christmas decorations for you to choose from.

Check them out here and let me know which ones you try!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

5) 55+ Best Aesthetic Christmas Wallpaper Backgrounds

Are looking for aesthetic Christmas wallpaper backgrounds to use for your phone or Instagram stories?

It’s almost Christmas time and you can use these Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone background or Instagram stories. All you have to do is click the name to download each one.

Your phone will be all dressed up just in time for the holidays!

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Check out all the Christmas iPhone wallpapers here.

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

6) 25 Unique Christmas Color Palettes (2020)

When it comes to Christmas color palettes the days of bright reds and greens are behind us. Unique, aesthetic color palettes are in!

Christmas colors are always evolving and in 2020 there are all different variations of gorgeous color palettes to choose from.

That’s why I’m giving you 25 unique Christmas color palettes to inspire your 2020 Christmas season!

See all the Christmas color palettes all here!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

7) 20+ Dreamy Christmas Diffuser Blends You Will Love

As the holidays quickly approach, I love having a diffuser in every room to diffuse dreamy Christmas diffuser blends!

These Christmas diffuser blends will make your home feel Christmas ready in no time. Turn on the twinkle lights, put the cookies in the oven, get your diffuser going, and those stockings hung!

For all the Christmas diffuser blends, click here!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Inspiration (2020) | Just Jes Lyn

8) Young Living Holiday Catalog 2020

Looking for Christmas gift inspiration?! Looks no further!

The Young Living Holiday Catalog 2020 is officially here & it is SO amazing! There’s something for everyone on your list this amazing holiday gift catalog!

You’ll find all the essential oil and non-toxic gifts your heart desires!

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Learn how to shop the holiday catalog here.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Christmas inspiration! Be sure to bookmark it as I may keep adding more!

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?!

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