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6 Fun Workouts To Try That You’ll Actually Like!

6 Fun Workouts To Try That You’ll Actually Like!

ARE YOU IN A WORKOUT RUT?! We’ve all been there! My favorite thing to do during a workout rut is to find new fun workouts to try. There are so many workouts out here just waiting for you to discover them.

And bonus.. you’ll actually like these ones! No more dreading your workouts.


I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for years and I’ve always thought it was a little slow-paced for my liking. If you love yoga but you want to spice it up a little, try acro yoga!

Acro yoga is a form of yoga that blends yoga and acrobatics. It’s a perfect workout to try with a partner or even with your kids!! Acro yoga includes many positions where at least someone is lifted.  How fun is that?!

6 Fun Workouts To Try That You'll Actually Like! | Just Jes Lyn


Rebounding (aka: mini-trampoline workout) is one of my personal favorites! I mean who doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline? It really brings out the kid in you.

If you haven’t tried rebounding, you have to! It’s low impact, strengthens cells, increases lymph flow and it’s much more efficient than other cardio forms like running. 5 minutes of bouncing is the equivalent of running 1 mile!

I use this rebounder at home. The bungees are so quiet and supportive compared to springs on other mini trampolines. It also has a locking frame so it’s sturdy and easy to put together!

6 Fun Workouts To Try That You'll Actually Like! | Just Jes Lyn


My husband and I have been getting into mountain biking lately. I was so surprised at how challenging it is! If you’re looking for some great cardio out in nature, mountain biking is for you.

Make sure you use a quality bike – buy, rent, or borrow from a friend. Pick a trail that is less challenging for your first time and, of course, enjoys nature. Last time we saw a deer!

Mountain Biking |


I’ve been seeing so much hype about rock climbing gyms lately and I can see why. It looks like a blast and an amazing workout!

Even if you aren’t bold enough to actually go climb a mountain you can still get in a fun, challenging workout at a rocking climbing gym near you!


Have you ever tried a Zumba class? Zumba is a dancing workout that is high energy and a total body workout.

You’ll burn a lot of calories and it’s great for anyone who loves dancing. This Zumba program is one of the highest-ranked workouts on Amazon!


I love to run and I’ve been a runner since I was in my teens but running a trail is so much different than running on the road or sidewalk.

Trail running gives you a chance to get in tune with nature and see and hear new sights and sounds. It’s also a lot more challenging which makes it an amazing workout!

I hope these ideas inspired you to find new and fun workouts to try! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

6 Fun Workouts To Try That You'll Actually Like! |

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