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How to Eat More Vegetables Without Eating Salad

How to Eat More Vegetables Without Eating Salad

Are you wondering how to eat more vegetables without eating salad?

Today, I’m sharing with you 7 ways to eat more vegetables.

It’s easier than you think and these tips are perfect for anyone who wants to stay healthy even when they’re busy!

Keep reading for my best tips for getting those veggies in on the daily…

How to Eat More Vegetables Without Eating Salad | Just Jes Lyn


Eating vegetables first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. Here’s how to eat more vegetables for breakfast!

If you’re having eggs or an omelet you can easily add in some vegetables.

A great tip for making this even easier is to save your leftover vegetables from the night before and add them to your breakfast.

This will save you time, get you to eat more vegetables, and use up your leftovers!

We always cook with a cast-iron skillet because it cooks more evenly and will last you forever!


It’s easy to grab a bag of chips for a snack but it’s better for you to snack on vegetables if you want to figure out how to eat more vegetables.

The reason chips are so easy is because they’re ready but vegetables can be easy too.

To make your vegetables easy to snack on, cut them ahead of time and put them in a container in the refrigerator.

Also, have some healthy dips on hand like organic ranch and hummus to dip them in.

My kids go crazy for this snack and it definitely gets them to eat more vegetables!

We use glass food storage containers to keep sliced veggies fresh in the refrigerator. So easy!


As a busy mom, I’m always running around feeding someone else and it’s easy to forget to take care of myself.

That’s why I absolutely LOVE powdered greens.

How to Eat More Vegetables Without Eating Salad | Just Jes LynHow to Eat More Vegetables Without Eating Salad | Just Jes Lyn

I mix them in with milk or apple juice in a shaker bottle for a quick and easy drink.

Then I know however busy I get, at least I got in a serving of vegetables!


A perfect way to get in some lettuce for lunch is to make a leftovers salad.

All you have to do it take your leftovers from the night before and add them onto a bed of lettuce.

Then top it with your favorite healthy dressing and some cheese and you’re good to go!

It’s quick and easy and you’re eating more vegetables!


Lighten up your dinner by swapping vegetable noodles for traditional spaghetti noddles.

You can make your own using a veggie pasta maker!

You can also buy a spaghetti squash that can be baked and scraped out.

It comes out just like noodles and once you put your sauce and toppings on it, you won’t even realize you’re not eating traditional noodles!


If you wondering how to eat more vegetables and fruits, smoothies and juice are a great option.

If you’re at home, try blending frozen greens with some fruit and milk or yogurt. It’s quick, easy, and tastes amazing!

Smoothies are also great if you are trying to detox from sugar.

If you have a juicer you can experiment with a bunch of vegetable juice blends.

If you’re on the go, there are organic cold-pressed juices to keep you hydrated and getting your vegetables in!


If you want to know how to eat more vegetables when you don’t like them, try baking!

I LOVE baking with vegetables. When my first child turned one year old, I made him chocolate zucchini cupcakes.

Everyone at his party couldn’t believe they had zucchini in them!

There are also many recipes online for muffins and bread with vegetables in them.

You’ll never even know you’re eating vegetables and kids love them!

You’ll need a good vegetable grater to get the veggies nice and small to hide in muffins, bread, or cupcakes.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to help you eat more vegetables. Tell me in the comments what your favorite way to get your vegetables in is!

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Emily Bell

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

We love our spiralizer! We also buy the veggie noodles sometimes.

Jes Lyn

Thursday 20th of June 2019

Yum! Yes, we've bought those before too!

Mallie Miller

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

These are very helpful tips! for someone who has such a busy lifestyle and often rushing my meals, i'm guilty of overlooking at healthy eating! This is going to be helpful to have veggies in my meals!

Jes Lyn

Thursday 20th of June 2019

I'm so glad you found these helpful!

Tamra Elizabeth Cater

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Good tips! I need to try vegetable noodles. Thanks for sharing!

Jes Lyn

Thursday 20th of June 2019

Thanks! You're welcome!


Tuesday 18th of June 2019

We love to add vegetables in our baked oatmeal! Sweet potato, avocado, zucchini! I love kale and carrots in my smoothies. Great post! I can't wait to try some of these ideas!

Jes Lyn

Thursday 20th of June 2019

Oh wow! I'll have to try that!

Shannon Dewease

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

What a great list of ideas to get more veggies in your day! I absolutely love a left over salad after having tacos or enchiladas the night before, nothing better! But I've gotta try sneaking some veggies into some muffins, my kids would never know! Thanks for the suggestions!

Jes Lyn

Thursday 20th of June 2019

You're so welcome!