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9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain a Healthy Weight

9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain a Healthy Weight

Do you want to stay slim and maintain a healthy weight? It’s not always an easy task but with these habits to stay slim, you will be heading in the right direction in no time!

I have four kids which means I have gained and lost weight 4 times! I learned some important lessons along the way that I’m going to share here with you.

Here’s a little secret that no one will tell you: There is no magic potion that will make you stay slim and healthy. No pill, no drink, no routine that will alone change your life!

Instead, it’s the combination of little steps, tweaks, and lifestyle changes that will help you feel your best!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor. All opinions are my own. Please consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine, and/or if you are struggling with eating disorders.

9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain A Healthy Weight | Just Jes Lyn

Here are 9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain A Healthy Weight:

1. Balance Your Meals

There are many diets out there that claim to be the ones that will make you lose the most weight or look the best but the truth is a balanced, healthy diet is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

Try to find whole foods and stay far away from fast foods and processed foods. Those will only add inflammation to your body and make you gain weight.

Every meal and snack you eat should be a healthy balance of fats, proteins, and carbs. Don’t overdo it on any of these categories.

You will be surprised to find out that when you cut out the junk and pay attention to healthy balanced foods, you will feel so much better!

9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain A Healthy Weight | Just Jes Lyn

2. Cut Out Sugar

Sugar may seem like the most obvious option to take out of your diet.

Everyone knows sugar is unhealthy but what you might not realize is that sugar turns into fat when it’s processed in your body.

That means it’s a huge contributing factor to weight gain.

When you remove sugar from your diet, you will be able to lose weight easier. Make sure you remove all refined sugar.

Refined sugar can be found in many products such as dressings, ketchup, cereals, etc so make sure you read the labels.

3. Drink Water

Staying hydrated has a great effect on your overall health but for some of us, it can be the hardest thing to remember!

Drinking water helps you stay full longer, removes waste from your body, and helps you burn calories, and lose weight faster which makes it one of the best habits to stay slim.

I add hydration tablets to my water to make it more hydrating and more enjoyable to drink. This has been a game changer for me!

4. Reduce Your Stress

Something not many people talk about in terms of weight loss and weight maintenance is stress. Stress plays a huge role in the way the body metabolizes food.

When you are continually in a stress cycle your body will naturally hold on to more weight to try to protect itself. If you notice you are unable to lose weight even though you are eating healthy and exercising, stress may have something to do with it.

We all have stress in our lives and although it may not be possible to eliminate stress altogether, there are steps you can take to reduce it.

Find out what your biggest stressors are and try to remove them from your life. Your body will thank you!

9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain A Healthy Weight | Just Jes Lyn

5. Move Your Body Every Day

It may seem obvious that you need to work out in order to stay slim but working out doesn’t have to be complicated.

As long as you are moving your body every day and sweating you are giving your body what it needs and burning calories.

You should always try to do a workout that you enjoy and makes you feel good that way you will be able to stay consistent.

Consistency is the best way to stay slim while working out.

6. Sleep 8-10 Hours A Night

Yes, you read that correctly! 8-10 Hours!

I recently watched a documentary that talked about how the brain uses our sleeping times to detox and reset. That is why sleep is so important for our overall well-being and happiness.

I notice a huge change in my happiness when I don’t get enough sleep.

This healthy habit to stay slim may take sacrifice on your side. It may mean not staying up late to binge-watching Netflix but let me tell you… It is so worth it! Get your sleep and you will notice a huge positive change in your mood and ability to maintain a healthy weight.

7. Focus on Deep Breathing

Our lives can get very busy and that can also mean our breathing gets shallow. Stress can cause us to actually take in less oxygen which can lead to less energy and even headaches.

Remember stress can make it harder for your body to maintain a healthy weight so breathing is important!

Several times a day, take a minute to stop and focus on taking long deep breaths. You’ll get more oxygen to your brain and feel more relaxed.

9 Habits To Stay Slim & Maintain A Healthy Weight | Just Jes Lyn

8. Eat Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are so important! When we get busy it’s easy to grab a quick snack but it may not be very healthy which could lead to weight gain.

Be sure to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time so you don’t end up snacking on junk food. Check out this post I wrote with all my favorite healthy snacks for all the snack inspo you need!

9. Go Outside

Nature has a profound effect on humans and can help release tension and help you feel more grounded. According to The Scientist, spending time in nature can improve your mental and physical well-being.

This will in turn reduce your stress and allow your body to stay slim and maintain a healthy weight.

Anytime I am feeling unsettled or unhappy, I head outside and try to just soak in nature around me. I always feel happier afterward!

Even better is to actually go out to nature parks and trails to be fully immersed in nature. Try looking up parks you’ve never been to in your area and make a plan to explore a new one every week!

These are the same tips I used to lose weight after each of my babies were born and they worked for me.

Always remember that your health is the most important thing.

Trying to stay slim should be done only while also staying hydrated and listening to your body and giving it what it needs. How you feel is more important than any number on a scale!