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About|Just Jes Lyn

I’m Jes Lyn – Welcome to my social media and healthy lifestyle blog! I created this blog to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and follow their dreams by growing and monetizing their social media.

I’ve been married for 10 years and we have 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 12 chickens! I love Jesus, my family, wearing workout leggings, & hanging out on Instagram.

After years of juggling motherhood, healthy living, & creating social media content, I’ve picked up some valuable tips & tricks that I would love to share with you!

Here’s a little introduction so you can get to know me better:

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 7 years. Before I had kids I was a teacher and I still love teaching! That’s why I homeschool my own kids & why I’m so passionate about teaching and encouraging others through this blog and social media.

I used to struggle with feeling like I didn’t know how to carve out space in my life to pursue my passions after having children. I wanted to make time to pursue my passions in addition to caring for my home and family.

I’ve found a place to call my own through social media and blogging. A few years ago I decided to start growing and monetizing my Instagram account and I love teaching others that they too can turn their Instagram into a side hustle business!

I’ve also always been an active, healthy person and I want to inspire others to take the time to care for themselves and start building healthy habits into their daily routines!

Start Here if you’d like to learn about Social Media:

Start Here if you’d like to learn about Healthy Living:

Let’s Connect!

Here are all the places you can find me to connect and ask any questions you might have:

Instagram –  /jes.lyn
Pinterest – /justjeslyn
Facebook – /justjeslyn