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The Instagram Algorithm In 2020 And How To Beat It

The Instagram Algorithm In 2020 And How To Beat It

Are you wondering about the Instagram algorithm in 2020 and how to beat it?! I’ve found myself wondering the same thing!

Are you also tired of wishing for more followers and engagement on Instagram?

Thinking about how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2020 can be exhausting but I have some great tips for you today to finally start getting ahead! 

I’ve tried many methods when it comes to beating the Instagram algorithm and now I’m revealing what’s worked for me.

With the help of this amazing Instagram strategy course and apps that help me plan and schedule my posts, it’s totally possible to get back on top when your Instagram engagement is down!

The Instagram algorithm really depends on a few things: timing, relationship, and engagement, and high-quality content!

The fact of the matter is when you are consistent in putting out high-quality content at the right time, your people will come and they’ll like what they see.

When hey like what they see and they engage, the Instagram algorithm will work in your favor!

You can find more Instagram tips & tricks here:

Here are six ways to beat the Instagram algorithm:


In order to get ahead through every new Instagram algorithm update, you need to attract your tribe!

The first 3 things people see when they go to your Instagram profile are your profile picture, your username, and your name. Make sure your profile picture is warm and inviting but also bright and eye-catching.

Be sure to pick a catchy username. You want people to be able to remember it when they go to search for you.

In the name section, make sure you include your name and some relevant keywords. (Example below: Jes Lyn | fit mom lifestyle)


Next is your bio. When you’re writing your bio make sure to add everything someone may need to know about you.

Include your location, email, and what your content will be about. Don’t be afraid to use emojis.

If you need a place to write down all your ideas, grab my free Instagram planner.

Also, don’t waste the link in your bio. With you can add text links AND custom links to individual Instagram posts all in one place in your Instagram bio – Plus, it’s FREE!

Learn more about how it works in this post.

Making a great first impression will allow you to attract your ideal followers who will engage with your content which leads me to my next point!


When you post a photo on Instagram you want to make sure your audience is online.

The amount of engagement your post receives right away (likes, comments, saves, or shares) will determine how the Instagram algorithm shows it to more people.

More engagement = more exposure. You can use this app to see when your peak posting times are.

To boost your post immediately you can use Instagram engagement groups. These are small DM groups of bloggers and creators who want to support each other’s work.

When you post, you then comment in the group, and depending on the rules, the other members will like, comment, or save your photo.

This is a wonderful method as long as you genuinely care about the people in the group. If you don’t, it’s not worth your time!

You should also spend the first 30 minutes after you post a new photo liking and commenting on other people’s photos.

Find the right people by searching hashtags you used in your post, replying to comments on your previous posts, people you follow, and people who follow you.

This method will let them know you’re online and they’ll likely come to check out your new post which will boost its engagement!


As I mentioned above in order to beat the Instagram algorithm it’s important to establish the right relationships.

Instagram shows your posts to people with who you have a relationship so it’s important to send signals to Instagram about who those people are.

That’s why you should comment and like your follower’s content and always respond to DMS from them. You’ll also want to comment back on any comments someone leaves you.

Each time you engage with your followers, Instagram will be more likely to share your content with them in the future!


To learn how to beat the Instagram algorithm, it’s critical to create shareable content because if people share your post to their stories it will get more eyes on it which will mean more engagement.

Remember engagement = exposure. Even the action of sharing is considered engagement.

Examples of shareable content are memes, how-tos, awe-inspiring posts, funny posts, informative or relatable graphics.

Use this app to create memes and graphics for your Instagram feed. Play around with what works for you and check your analytics to see how many people are sharing your posts, then try to replicate that method.


Along with being shareable, you want your content to have viral potential. That means it needs to spark so much initial engagement that Instagram puts it on the explore page and it gets seen by thousands of people.


Videos usually get more engagement because people will most likely view your video more than once. Staying on a post longer signals to the algorithm that the post is performing well.

Also, If you go to the explore page you’ll see that video content and Instagram reels are shown bigger than regular photos which gives you a better chance of being seen when you post a video vs. a static photo.

Then if people share or save your video, you’ll get an even bigger boost in your engagement!

Instagram reels came out in 2020 and have been taking over Instagram. The reason is that they are short-form videos that entertain or educate people within a few seconds.

In my opinion, this may be the best way to stay on top of the Instagram algorithm in 2020 because everyone is watching reels. They are new and exciting!

Check out this post on how Instagram reels work and if you haven’t yet, get some of your own reels out in the Instagram world asap!


Next time that little voice in your head says “Why does the Instagram algorithm hate me?” shift your thinking to “How can I diversify and step up my content to make the Instagram algorithm LOVE my content?!”

In fact, what you should be focusing on is how to make your audience love your content! After all, that’s what Instagram wants: relationships and engagement!

Take a look at your content and look at ways you can enhance it. Add different hashtags, write compelling captions, or start making more Instagram reels!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results! & most of all, have fun!!


Take this course! I took the course Beat the Algorithm by Rachel Paul and it completely changed my Instagram strategy for the better!

Beat The Algorithm can help YOU:

  • Tap into the kind of content your audience really wants to see from you. It’s time for engagement to stop being confusing, and start feeling effortless.
  • Have an influx of new loyal and engaged followers showing up every day. And better yet, they’ll be ready to discover more about how you can help them and what you’re selling.
  • Finally, feel like you’re really making the impact you wanted to make. You can start gaining influence in an industry that really needs it right now from the right people (like you)!
  • Start actually selling your products or services! Because let’s be honest. Engagement is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills or help you quit your day job, does it?

Get Started Now!

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The Instagram Algorithm In 2020 And How To Beat It | Just Jes Lyn

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