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12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2021

12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2021

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas tree ideas. I just LOVE Christmas trees because they automatically make me feel happy when I look at them!

This year has been a tough one so I think everyone is getting really into Christmas tree ideas for 2021! We could all use a gorgeous Christmas tree view right now!

So, as you plan your Christmas tree, here are 12 Christmas tree ideas you should definitely try! Hover over images to save them to Pinterest so you can come back to them later! 🙂

1. Tree in a Basket

This will always be one of my favorite Christmas tree trends! Putting your tree in a basket gives a rustic farmhouse feel to your space!

Try shopping for a Christmas tree basket at your local thrift stores. They always have a variety of baskets in different shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits our Christmas tree perfectly!

Tree in a Basket | Just Jes Lyn

2. Traditional Flocked

Flocked trees are gorgeous because they make you feel like it’s snowing outside even if it isn’t! I live in Florida so definitely no snow here!

3. Silver and Gold

Decorating your tree with silver and gold ornaments gives your tree a classic and elegant look!

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4. Mini Christmas Tree

Working with a small space? Try a mini Christmas tree! They have such a cute & charming vibe!

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5. Pastels

If you’re looking for a softer color palette for your Christmas tree, try some pastels!

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6. Wispy Tree

Want a more eclectic Christmas tree?! Try a try with long wispy branches!

7. Tinsel Tree

Thin trees with tinsel are so cute!

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8. Faux Candles

How fun is this faux candle tree? Just make sure you don’t use real candles! 😆

12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2020 | Just Jes Lyn

9. Snowy & Simple

If you’re looking for a simple tree this year, try a snowy tree with only a few ornaments!

10. Neutrals

Looking for a simple classic? Try a snowy tree with neutral ornaments for a minimalist look!

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12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2020 | Just Jes Lyn

11. Nature-inspired Tree

Orange slice garland gives any Christmas tree a beautiful nature-inspired look!

12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas For 2020 | Just Jes Lyn

12. Tree in the Bedroom

Why have only one tree when you can have more than one? Add a tree to your bedroom that matches your room decor!

I’m so excited about Christmas and I hope you enjoyed these Christmas tree ideas for 2021. Which one will you try?! Tell me in the comments! 🙂

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12 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas