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9 DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Pads You Have to Try!

9 DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Pads You Have to Try!

Essential oils are a great way to get rid of odors and enjoy aromatherapy at home or on the go. Using a DIY essential oil diffuser pad is an easy and inexpensive way to use essential oils at any time and at any place.

No fancy diffuser is needed!

Even if you don’t have ultrasonic diffusers at home (or if you do and you want more ways to diffuse) you can diffuse natural essential oil using items you already have around your house.

Using essential oils is much better than using commercial air fresheners because they are usually loaded with synthetic chemicals. Essential oils can be applied topically using an essential oil roller bottle or they can be diffused.

Do you want to diffuse oils on the go? You can also use these DIY diffuser ideas for your car or on the go by wearing your essential oils!

In this post, I’ll go over 9 quick and easy DIY essential oil diffuser pads that anyone can make. That way you will be able to diffuse your favorite oils in an easy way without needing expensive essential oil diffusers!

1) Felt Pad

You can use felt to make a felt essential oil diffuser. All you have to do is pick different colors of felt and cut them into whatever shapes you want.

Felt works great because it is absorbent and the side of the felt won’t fray.

If you want to get creative you can pick the shapes and colors for whatever holiday is coming up. This is a great activity for kids or adults!

You can put these felt pads all over your house in drawers, in your kitchen, and in your bathroom to diffuse your favorite essential oils. All you have to do is put a few drops of essential oils on each of your felt pads and place them wherever you want.

Try this DIY essential oil blend on your felt pads:

Thin Mint Blend

  • 2 drop Peppermint
  • 2 drop Stress Away

2) Sanitary Pad

You can also use a sanitary pad to diffuse essential oils. The reason this is an easy and functional option is that it has a sticky side on one side. This will allow you to stick it to any surface and hide it out of the way.

Once you unwrap the sanitary pad put a few drops of your favorite essential oil unto the cloth side. Then remove the paper to expose the sticky side. Next stick on wherever you want to diffuse the oils!

This works perfectly for the inside of the garbage can because you can place the sticky side on the inside of your garbage, can with the essential oils on it, out of sight. This will keep your trash cans smelling fresh, all the time, and is one of the easiest ways to diffuse, essential oils at home.

With all the drama about toxic materials in tampons and pads, you might as well use up your old ones as garbage can diffusers!

Try this blend to keep your garbage can feeling fresh!

Stink Be Gone

  • 2 drop purification
  • 2 drop lemon

3) Cotton Balls

Most people already have cotton balls in their homes and they are an easy way to diffuse oils at home. You can put them in a glass jar or small bowl on your countertop with a few drops of oil on each cotton ball.

It’s a good idea to change out the cotton balls once in a while so that they stay absorbent when you’re putting the essential oils on them. 

Using this method you can easily create a spa smell in your bathroom! Of course, you can place these cotton balls anywhere else in your home as well.

I like to place them under the counters in the kitchen and bathroom to deter bugs using oils they don’t like such as rosemary, peppermint, or lavender essential oil.

4) Cotton Pads

If you are looking for a no-waste option you can get reusable cotton pads. They are washable so you can use them to diffuse around your house and then wash them and continue to reuse them! You can buy already-made cotton pads at the store. 

You can try different oils, such as lemon essential oil. Essential oils also work great for making self-care products such as DIY bath bombs!

5) Lava Beads

Lava beads are another option for a DIY essential oil diffuser. They are made from lava stone. 

Lava beads are porous so they soak up the drops of oil which allows you to diffuse with them and can also be made into an essential oil diffuser necklace.

There are different types of diffuser necklaces such as crystal vial necklaces. You can make your own from lava stone jewelry or buy aromatherapy jewelry from online stores.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is becoming a popular and simple way to diffuse essential oils on the go!

6) Facial Pads

If you have some facial pads sitting around for makeup removal, you can also use these for diffusing essential oils.

Decide the amount of oil you want to use and simply drop it onto your facial pads and leave those around your house. You could even put them inside your stinky shoes. 

7) Felt Balls

Another option is to buy felt craft balls to use with essential oils. You can use these to hang in your car or use them as a pretty garland.

You can also use wool dryer balls to freshen up your clothes in the dryer.

8) Paper Towels

Pretty much everyone has paper towels around the house. Paper towels are meant to absorb liquid so they work perfectly for essential oils.

Cut your paper towel to the correct size and put some drops of oil onto it. Then place the paper towels wherever you want to diffuse!

9) Refill Pads

You can buy inexpensive refill essential oil pads that are meant to refill a necklace or bracelet diffuser and use them as such or simply place the around your home. Use different essential oils on the pads to make your house or car smell like a dream!

Wrapping Up

Using these simple DIY diffuser ideas and DIY recipes you will be able to enjoy the natural aroma of your oils all the time. Be sure to use pure essential oils for the best experience from Young Living or another high-quality oil brand.

Which different ways to diffuse will you use? Enjoy!

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9 DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Pads You Have to Try!