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DIY Mermaid Hair Essential Oils Spray

DIY Mermaid Hair Essential Oils Spray

Summer is here and today I’m sharing a DIY mermaid hair essential oils spray that will hydrate your hair give you gorgeous beachy waves!

It’s no secret that hydration is key in the summer, not only for your body but also for your hair! While warmer temperatures bring fun in the sun they also bring more dryness and stress to your hair.

Moisture is the key—and healthy moisture will do wonders for your locks and your well-being. So along with this DIY, if you haven’t tried Young Living’s Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner, now is the time!

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    Disclaimer: I am an independent distributor of Young Living. This information is for educational purposes only. I cannot promise you any certain results. Read full disclaimer here.

    No matter what type of hair you have, these Young Living products will provide you with extra moisture over the summer months. The copaiba and vanilla essential oils will promote healthy strands and scalp, as well as provide the therapeutic benefit to the mind and body of using pure essential oils for your personal care.

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    Now for the DIY mermaid hair essential oils recipe!

    You’ll need:

    • 8 oz Spray bottle
    • Distilled Water
    • Add 1 teaspoon fine Himalayan Sea Salt
    • 3 drops of Geranium EO
    • 2 drops of Lavender EO
    • 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil


    Place the fractionated coconut oil + essential oils in a spray bottle and then top off with distilled water. Next, add in the sea salt and spray into damp or dry hair as needed!

    DIY Mermaid Hair Essential Oils Spray | Just Jes Lyn

    Bonus tips to help take care of you and your hair this summer:

    • Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water. Use warm or cool water instead. Too much heat can dry out or damage your hair and skin.
    • Chlorine causes severe dryness to your hair. Before you go swimming, dampen your hair to reduce the absorption of chlorine. Shampoo as soon as possible after swimming to get the residue and chlorine out of your hair.
    • Lavender Mint Cleansing Shampoo is a great, invigorating shampoo to choose to get rid of the residue and refresh your senses.
    • Keep a straw hat, cap, or scarf on hand as a fashionable skin and hair saver. Just like your skin, your hair and scalp feel the sun’s damaging rays.
    • Try shampooing your hair less often. Skipping a shampoo day in the summer is great for your hair IF you aren’t swimming or doing activities that are taxing your tresses.
    • Young Living’s LavaDerm™ Cooling Mist is a great refresher for your hair and your skin on days when your hair may not need the full shampoo treatment.
    • Avoid using additional heat on your hair when possible. If you can’t avoid your dryer or your flat iron, just make sure to condition your hair before using it.
    • The more you do to keep your hair strong through the summer months, the less time you’ll spend in the fall repairing the damage.
    • Keep in mind that the Lavender Mint and Copaiba Vanilla shampoos and conditioners are not only natural and effective but are also 100-percent biodegradable. These products are great to take with you to the beach, to the campsite, or anywhere your travels take you. You can keep your hair healthy and treat the environment well, too!

    I hope you enjoyed this DIY and these hair tips! If you’d like to learn more about getting started with Young Living essential oils, learn more about my community here!

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    DIY Mermaid Hair Essential Oils Spray | Just Jes Lyn