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Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know

Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know

Recently I started getting into grounding (more on that later). I knew I wanted to try minimalist sandals, preferably a pair that had grounding capabilities… Enter Earth Runners sandals!

I first learned about Earth Runners on TikTok when I noticed many of the people I follow in the low-tox natural lifestyle community wear them.

I wear sandals or I am barefoot most of the time because I live in Florida. I wanted a pair that were as close to barefoot as possible and to be able to ground with them on.

Disclosure: I was gifted items for this post from Earth Runners. This article is for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. All opinions are my own.

From the moment I put on my new Earth Runners, I knew I would love them! One of the reasons I wanted to try them was the strap design.

I love the strap placement and I also think they look really good with any outfit you wear which is a major plus. I can’t say I love the style of all minimal footwear out there but these are perfect!

If you aren’t used to going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes they will take some getting used to. You may feel a little soreness in your ankles because your body has to adjust to its natural walking pattern. If that’s the case you can always wear them in short spurts until your body adjusts.

Today, I’m giving you my full honest review and hooking you up with an Earth Runners discount code because I know you’ll want to get some for yourself!

Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know

What is Grounding?

First, let’s talk about what grounding is and why you want to do it. Many people don’t realize that the earth is an electrical system and so are humans. We were created to live in unison with the earth but because of modern footwear and technology, most people don’t ever touch the earth!

Grounding is when humans are touching the earth with their bare feet or any other body part such as sitting in the grass. Most people wear shoes that insulate them from the earth’s electrical system and therefore spend most of their life ungrounded.

When you are grounded your body has electrons flowing to it that can reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and sync your 24-hour circadian rhythm.

I struggle with TMJ flareups and when I make an effort to ground myself outside multiple times a day I notice a huge reduction in inflammation. You can enjoy the benefits of grounding by walking barefoot outside or wearing earthing sandals!

What are Earth Runners Sandals?

Earth Runner sandals have a copper & stainless steel earthing system that grounds you to the earth and are made with Vibram® outsoles for a responsive sure-footed experience. It’s as close to being barefoot as you can be without actually being barefoot!

They give you all the benefits of walking barefoot with the safety of protecting your feet from rough terrain. They are also super comfortable and stylish!

Earth Runner sandals can be used for walking, running, and hiking. They also have waterproof sandals if you will be going through wet terrain.

I use mine for everyday sandals as well as wearing them for long walks and they are perfect for both!

Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know

Earth Runners Sizing

I was super impressed with the sizing information for Earth Runners. You can go to their sizing page to check for your size and also print a page on your computer to “try on” the sandals.

By doing this you can make sure you get the best fit possible. Most people prefer a bumper fit so your toes have a little space for movement.

Another great perk is if you aren’t sure of the fit you need you can send photos of your foot on the sizing page you printed to an expert from Earth Runners to help you choose your size!

Vegan Minimalist Running Shoes

If you are interested in using only vegan products you’ll be happy to learn that Earth Runners are fully vegan with no animal products used. They also have low impact dyed footbeds and are GOTS-certified.

How Do Earth Runners Feel?

I got the thickest sole of Earth Runners called the Alpha Lifestyle Sandals which are 12mm thick.

I chose them because I knew I would be putting a lot of miles into them. I try to walk about 2-5 miles a day and I’m wearing my Earth Runners exclusively.

They also come in 9mm and 8mm soles if you prefer a closer to barefoot feel. They’re on my list to try next!

My experience with the feel of Earth Runner sandals has been great. As I mentioned earlier I am barefoot or wearing sandals most of the time so the adjustment wasn’t so bad for me. However, I do feel it in my ankles on longer walks.

Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know

They are very comfortable on the bottom of your feet and the straps when walking.

I was super impressed with how comfortable the straps are. You are able to adjust them to make them as loose or tight as you prefer.

I prefer them somewhere in the middle for casual walking. They don’t dig in between your toes at all which is impressive!

Overall, I have no complaints about the comfort level but be ready for a slight adjustment period if you aren’t used to wearing barefoot sandals.

Once you adjust it’s smooth sailing from there! You were created to walk barefoot so these sandals are the closest you can get while still protecting your feet from rough terrain.

Earth Runners Discount Code

Earth Runners has been so generous to offer 10% off to my readers! *wink wink* That’s YOU!

Click here to shop now and use Earth Runners discount code: JESLYN10 at checkout to get 10% off!

Wrapping Up Earth Runners Review

I wanted to try minimalist barefoot sandals for a while and I am so glad I went with Earth Runners. They do not disappoint. I literally wear them every day!

They’re well-made and comfortable, and you are grounded while wearing them. You can’t beat that!

Try them for yourself, I know you will love them!

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Earth Runners Review: Everything You Need to Know