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The Easiest Way to Create Pinterest Pins That Followers Will Love

Do you use Pinterest to promote your blog, business, or latest ideas?! I have something amazing to show you! Now with Tailwind Create, you can make dozens of personalized pin designs with one magical click! Tailwind Create is the easiest way to create Pinterest pins that your followers will swoon over!

Disclosure: I was compensated to create this post, though all opinions and results are my own. Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

How to Use Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create is super easy to use. You can go from idea to pins within minutes!

This will help you stop wasting time designing in other apps and allow you to focus more on creating content!

Step 1: Create

First, go to your Tailwind dashboard and click on create. This will bring you to the Tailwind Create page.

Next click on start a new design to get started!

The Easiest Way to Create Pinterest Pins That Followers Will Love

Step 2: Set Brand Preferences

You can set up your brand preferences before you create Pinterest pins so every pin will match your brand.

You can choose your website or brand name, brand fonts, brand colors, and brand logos!

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The Easiest Way to Create Pinterest Pins That Followers Will Love

Step 3: Create Pinterest Pins in a Flash!

Next, you will enter some information including the photos you would like to use (or pick from stock photos), the text you want to appear on your Pinterest pins, and branding.

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Then just like magic, Tailwind creates dozens of personalized Pinterest pins for you to choose from!!

Scroll through and favorite the ones you like by clicking the heart in the top corner.

Step 4: Edit

The best part is that if you want to you can edit the designs.

All you have to do is click edit on the pin you like and you can change the colors, photos, and text to exactly what you like! Then save it.

Step 4: Review & Select Your Favorites

Once you’ve hearted all of your favorite Pinterest pin designs, click on your favorite designs at the top of your dashboard and select your favorite ones.

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Then select review your selection and from there you can download your designs and/ or schedule them to Pinterest right from Tailwind!

My Personal Takeaway

Overall, my experience with Tailwind Create has been amazing! It’s super simple and easy to use and the amount of designs it generates is awesome!

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As a blogger, I am always juggling many tasks at a time so having a tool that can free up my time is a true treasure.

In my opinion this tool is a must for anyone who uses Pinterest for their blog or business!

Try Tailwind Create for Free

So there you have it! Tailwind Create is hands down the easiest way to create Pinterest pins because it does the work for you! What’s better than that?!

You’ll save so much time that you can then put back into your business and inspire your audience with your awesome content!

Use this special link to try Tailwind Create for free. You can also get a free trial of 30 Instagram posts!

You’ll never want to go back to manually creating pins again!

Pin this for later ↙ (made using Tailwind Create!!)