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25 Educational Kids Shows to Watch While Social Distancing

As schools close down nationwide during this COVID-19 quarantine, you may find yourself homeschooling your kids. Once you’ve exhausted the rest of your resources, it may be time for a little screentime.

There are a number of educational kids shows on Amazon Prime Video that your kids can watch while social distancing because if they’re going to watch tv they might as well be learning too!

While you’re home, also consider making your own hand sanitizer and boosting your immune system naturally!

*For the most accurate information on COVID-19 please visit the CDC website.


1. Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf is set in a whimsical land where a small blue fox named Fig plays each day and discovers adventure, friendship, and love around every bend in the path.

2. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

3. Dino Dana

4. Creative Galaxy

5. The Stinky & Dirty Show

6. Bug Diaries

7. Team Umizoomi

8. Reading Rainbow

This classic show has been giving kids an exciting look into their favorite books for over 30 years!


9. Wild Kratts

10. Odd Squad

11. Just Add Magic

12. Dino Dan

13. Annedroids

14. Nature Cat

15. Superbook

Middle School

16. Xploration DIY Sci

17. Wow, I Never Knew That!

Learn how the items you use every day to the phrases you use in conversation to the habits you’re so accustomed to all really came about!

18. Popular Mechanics For Kids

This series takes young viewers on a ride to some of the world’s most exciting places where they get a first-hand look and feel of what it takes to operate everything they see.

19. Ocean Mysteries

Based at the world’s largest aquarium, The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Jeff takes viewers around the globe to explore Earth’s least understood resource, our Oceans.

20. The Mystery Beneath

In a documentary, we follow treasure hunters as they navigate threats both known and unknown.

High School

21. Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man

Discover the meteoric rise of Elon Musk, the man who is transforming the way we think about travel technology.

22. Famous People of the World

This tireless explorer of the North managed to carry out four daring expositions only in a couple of years expositions.

23. Harriet Tubman – They Called Her Moses

Discover the real Harriet Tubman in this compelling documentary narrated by Alfrelynn Roberts.

24. Xploration Outer Space

25. Antarctica: A Year On Ice

I hope you enjoyed this list of educational kids shows and if you did please share it! 🙂

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