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Elementor #10298

do you want to know my go-to’s?!

I have you covered – Here are all my favorite things all in one place! What’s better than a recommendation from a gal pal?!

Hey, I’m Jes!

Mom, wife, business owner, & health nut! I carefully curated this page just for you. Enjoy!

Quick disclosure: Some of these links happen to be links from our partners which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, you won’t be charged more but I may receive a commission for sharing with you which is an added bonus because I was already going to share! 

Grab my favorite must-haves from shop active & Oily

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

Gemstone Diffuser Bracelets

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

Essential Oil Necklace

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

Crystal roller Bottles

Let’s Talk Personal Health

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

i take this magnesium every day to keep me calm & keep my digestive system running smoothly.

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

Hydration is so important & these hydration tabs help me remember to stay hydrated.

Elementor #10298 | Just Jes Lyn

when I’m on the go this protein drink keeps me nourished & it tastes delicious!