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20+ FANTASTIC Homeschool Room Ideas to Try This Fall

20+ FANTASTIC Homeschool Room Ideas to Try This Fall

Are you homeschooling this Fall? We’ve been homeschooling for 4 years now and I always love looking at homeschool room ideas for inspiration!

That’s why I decided to compile some of my absolute favorite homeschooling room ideas for you! Here are 20+ must-try homeschool room ideas. You’ll want to try them all!

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Homeschool Room Ideas #1: Swing Into Learning

Some kids learn better when they are moving so adding a hammock chair swing into your homeschool room is a great idea!

Homeschool Room Ideas #2: Artwork Display

How amazing is the artwork display?! Use clothespins to pin your kid’s best work!

3. Cozy Book Corner

I LOVE books so this bookshelf with cozy chair combo is one of the best homeschooling room ideas!

4. Desk With a Bench

Try adding a little desk with a bench to your homeschool room for a special little workspace for your child.

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5. Large Table

Are you homeschooling multiple children? If so, a large farmhouse table is one of the best homeschool room ideas for you!

Homeschool Room Ideas #6: Play Corner

So much of home education for littles is PLAY. Adding a play corner to your homeschool room will give your small children a place to play while the older kids finish their assignments and are one of the best homeschool room ideas.

7. Lockers

Lockers not only look gorgeous but they also give you a place to store all of your books and homeschool supplies and are one of the most fun homeschool classroom ideas.

8. Art Appreciation

Another one of the most amazing homeschool room ideas is displaying art in your homeschool room! It will give your children an appreciation for beauty!

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Homeschool Room Ideas #9: Minimalist Homeschool Room

If you don’t like clutter, homeschool classroom ideas with a minimalist vibe are perfect for you!

Homeschool Room Ideas #10: Large Chalkboard

A chalkboard is not only beautiful but it’s also functional!

11. Double Desk

As far as homeschool classroom ideas go, I love this side-by-side desk for two students to work at the same time and share supplies!

12. Alphabet Display

What better way to help your kids learn their letters, numbers, and shapes than to display them on the wall?!

Homeschool Room Ideas #13: Open Shelving

Open shelving is perfect for storing books and supplies to make them easy to access and display them!

14. Corner Desk

Needing to save some space? Add a corner desk!

Homeschool Room Ideas #15: Rolling Chairs

Add some rolling chairs so your kids can keep moving while they work!

16. Traditional Desks

How amazing are these traditional desks for a homeschool room?!

Homeschool Room Ideas #17: Pick a Theme

Adding a theme to your homeschool room will make your kids love going to school every day!

18. Hanging Clipboards

I personally love clipboards so I may have to try this idea myself!!

Homeschool Room Ideas #19: Storage

Having a ton of storage space is golden for any homeschool room!

20. Roll Out Paper

Having large rolls of paper at the end of your homeschooling tables makes drawing time a breeze!

21. Long Wall Desk

Add a long wall desk to accommodate multiple students.

22. Chalkboard Wall

Instead of having one chalkboard why not paint the whole wall?

Are you ready to take on the new homeschool year?! Which of these ideas will you be trying? Tell me which homeschooling room ideas you love in the comments!

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