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Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms

Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms

With schools closed nationwide, we’ve all become homeschooling parents and you may be looking for homeschooling tips and tricks! I’ve been homeschooling for a few years now and I can tell you that it can get a little overwhelming at times.

There are so many choices to be made and responsibilities to take on but at the end of the day, they are your children and you know them better than any of their teachers ever will!

I’ve found it helpful to seek guidance and inspiration from other homeschool moms. So I curated some amazing tips and tricks from experienced homeschooling moms to inspire you on your journey!

Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Rebekah Harris

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything. It’s impossible to fit in every subject each day, try to do all the activities and be a part of all the groups.
  • Find out what your children’s learning styles are and get creative in teaching them the way they learn best.
  • Create a schedule that works for your family. Children thrive on stability but leave room for flexibility…. and lots of grace for you and your littles!
  • Learning can happen anywhere and doesn’t always have to look like book work. Life skills are so important: Cleaning, cooking, hunting, fishing gardening, painting, etc. Give your children opportunities to grow in their character through chores and helping out grandparents and neighbors.
  • Don’t compare how your homeschool looks to other homeschoolers or public schools. Focus on the things that are important to your family and those things that you thrive in. It’s not going to be the same for everyone.
  • Don’t neglect yourself, Mama! Make time to exercise, get sleep, read, get together with friends. You and your kids will be happier for it!
  • Find a support system. Whether it be through social media or a homeschool mom’s group. It’s so important to have encouragement, sound advice, and wisdom from seasoned mamas and peers.
  • Read. The single best thing you can do for your child’s education right now is to read good books. As parents, we want to build up whole people – to teach children to think, to influence character, creative thinking and imaginative wondering. Falling into a world of books does just that and has a far greater influence than any lecture.
Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Melissa Simmons @melissa_amy_simmons

  • Find a rhythm that works for your family so you can all have an idea of what’s coming up next throughout the day. You might like to have lessons together right after breakfast and have the rest of the day free to play, read, and catch up on chores; or in the middle of the day when your baby is napping and you can give your older child your undivided attention. Figure out what works best for your family and a natural rhythm will occur and help guide your days.
  • Try not to replicate a traditional school setting in your home; rather, keep the “home” in homeschooling by having lots of snacks, warm drinks, good books, and cozy reading spots.
  • Have lots of books in your home about all the different topics and studies. You never know when your child will ask a question and you can say “Oh! We have a great book about that!”
  • Playing games together counts as learning together. Our favorites are Bug Bingo and State Sequence. 
  • Keep lessons short, especially the younger the child, and don’t stress when they’ve had enough. Take a break, get some fresh air, eat a snack, get paper and paints or play-doh out; then come back to it later or even another day! 
  • As you find a rhythm your kids will be able to sit for longer amounts of time. And if someone is just NOT into it one day, don’t feel bad about canceling the rest of the day and just sending them outside to play. Nature is a wonderful teacher, too!
  • READ to your kids! Ask them what they’re interested in and order a book about it. Choose a chapter book to read-aloud as a family and you’ll be amazed at what other questions and topics arise that you can discuss and learn about further. 
  • Give your children chores! As valued members of the family, they can absolutely help with housework and tidying up. This counts as Home Economics and learning how to keep the home! 😉
  • Lastly, try NOT to compare your homeschooling methods with others. We all do it differently and follow different styles, and there’s no one right way! DO enjoy this time with your children and remember that this time together as a family is so special.
Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM


  • A flourishing homeschool does not need to include any particular item on a list. A homeschool requires a few essentials; a cheerful mother, a library card, access to outdoors, possibly a few local used-book stores, and probably some form of a curriculum of your own choosing.
  • However, I’m sharing other items that we are either saving our pennies for, requesting as future gifts from family, or items that we enjoy using currently. These resources beautify our space or simply enhance our learning experience in some small way. Check them out here!
  • Busy hands often equal listening ears. Provide art supplies or blocks or Legos for children to use while you read aloud.
  • Keep the lessons short and sweet. 10-20 minutes of focus is better than an hour of wrestling with boredom and contained energy.
  • Remember that all of life is learning. Make the most of the trips to the market, the bank, the park. The world is your classroom.
  • Prioritize building relationships and character over learning information. Those two things will take your child further than any formal lesson ever could.
  • Slow down and just enjoy your children. The days feel long, but the years really are short. This is a season and one day you will miss it. Today, at home with your children, is a gift.
Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Meghann Dibrell @rootedchildhood

  • Take care of yourself first. We spend so much of our days caring for others, but if we don’t take care of our own needs, we will end up tired and frustrated at the end of the day. For me, this means a hot cup of tea, meditation, and moving my body first thing in the morning.
  • Create an atmosphere for learning so that school doesn’t have to be confined to a certain time or space. When the world is our classroom, we can take advantage of learning opportunities and following our children’s interests anytime.
  • Appreciate all of your children’s strengths and their individual abilities. Children develop at their own pace and it’s wise to resist the urge to compare how one child is doing compared to other children of the same age. Focus on what your child *can* do and the rest will catch up in time.
Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Hannah Mayo @hmayophoto

  • Remember that homeschool is not simply recreating school at home. The structure, the time spent, and the nature of learning itself will be completely different.
  • Learn about various homeschool styles and methods, but remember that you have total freedoms to pick and choose what is right for you and each of your children’s personalities and learning styles.
  • Homeschooling is a lifestyle. It’s not only about curriculum choices and formal teaching, but about making your home and environment of learning. Always remember that the relationships and connections are even more important than the academic lessons.

I hope you enjoyed these homeschooling tips and tricks! Go give these amazing mamas a follow on Instagram for continued inspiration! Good luck!

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Homeschooling Tips and Tricks From Experienced Homeschool Moms | JUSTJESLYN.COM