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How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial)

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial)

Today, I’ll be teaching you how to use PicMonkey! PicMonkey is a photo editing app for creatives, of all experience levels, that helps you to make eye-catching and appealing images for promoting your business or for personal use.

Unlike other websites like PicMonkey, PicMonkey is an easy to use photo editor. PicMonkey features powerful and easy to use photo-editing and photo-designing tools.

So if you want to level up your photo editing and content creation skills, PicMonkey photo editor is the best option you can ever have! 

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Before we jump into the tutorial, let’s talk about pricing.

PicMonkey is available in three different versions: Basic, Pro, and Team. They don’t offer a free version at this time but instead, they offer you a PicMonkey free trial so you can see what all the hype is about before you dive in full force and also use the PicMonkey app!

Basic Version

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Basic | JUSTJESLYN.COM

The Basic Version of PicMonkey is suitable for designing and editing. It is an ideal option for you if you are a beginner. To get started with the basic version you can either pay $7.99 monthly or you can pay $72 annually and save 25%.

Pro Version

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Pro | JUSTJESLYN.COM

The Pro Version of PicMonkey is best suitable for growing businesses as it includes unlimited storage and brand fonts. The Pro Version of PicMonkey costs $12.99 monthly and $120 annually. If you make an annual payment then you will save 23%.

Team Version

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Team | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Team version is almost similar to the Pro version but in the Team version, a group of 3 or more than 3 people can use PicMonkey at a single time. The Team Version has a cost of $33.99 monthly but if you want to pay annually then the price is $300 (saves you 26%).

Features of PicMonkey

  1. Features in Basic Version
  • Cloud storage of 1GB
  • Allows you to download images in JPG or PNG format
  • Includes Primo Effects, Touch up tools and Templates
  • Includes shared folders, real-time collaboration and commenting
  1. Features in Pro Version
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Images can be downloaded in JPG, PNG or PDF format
  • Has Primo Effects, Templates and Touch up tools
  • Features shared folders, commenting, real-time collaboration and commenting
  • Allows you to instantly reformat to different sizes using Smart Resize
  • Allows you to keep brand logos, fonts, and colors in your Brand Kit
  • Includes one-click background remover
  • Offers iStock by Getty photos
  • Email support included
  • Allows you to upload your customized fonts
  1. Team Version
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • You can download images in JPG, PNG, or PDF format
  • There are Primo Effects, Touch up tools and Templates
  • You can enjoy real-time collaboration, commenting and shared folders
  • You can instantly reformat images to different sizes using Smart Resize
  • Includes one-click background remover
  • Has iStock by Getty photos
  • Email support is included
  • Discounts for 3 or more users are offered
  • Offer Team seat and permission management

How to Use PicMonkey

1. Editing a Photo

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Editing a Photo | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Okay let’s jump into how to use PicMonkey with photo editing!

To open an image in the editor you have to click the create new button. After opening the image in the editor you should have a look at the left side of the workspace and see what is there.

One great feature is that as soon as you start working, PicMonkey will store the image in its cloud storage so that you can access it from anywhere.

In the Edit tab of the PicMonkey image editor, you will be able to see some basic editing features such as resize, crop, and rotation. In the Effect tab, there are options with which you can manipulate the light, exposure, color, and grain of your image.

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Editing a Photo | JUSTJESLYN.COM

Along with applying effects to your selected image you are also capable of using brush tools for painting the effects on the part of the image you want.

PicMonkey Photo Editor also features Touch Up tools that help you give a new look to the subject in your selected image like remove blemish, change the color of the eye, and sculpt contours. There are so many possibilities!

2. Creating a Design

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Creating a design | JUSTJESLYN.COM

PicMonkey offers 3,000 artist-crafted templates that will fulfill the needs of all your personal and business designs. 

Now to insert templates you will have to click the Templates tab present at the top of the screen. After that, choose a category, go through the list of categories, and select the one you need.

Moreover, you can change the images, edit text, and swap colors to customize the template.

PicMonkey photo editing also allows you to create your own customized templates. There are more than 70 blank canvases made for traditional photos and social media needs.

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Just Jes Lyn

Now to create your template click Blank canvas in the template page and either select a preset size or type the dimensions in the size box in the upper-right corner. 

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There are so many graphics that you can add to your design.

Now for adding graphics, click graphic and a Graphic palette will appear. In this there will be several tools for different purposes such as adding drop shadows, adding textures, or applying effects.

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Creating a design | JUSTJESLYN.COM

You can use the Layers palette for selecting graphics, controlling layer order, grouping them for accurate positioning, and editing the multiple layers at once. You can use the masking tool for making one portion of your image peek through the shape outline.

You’ll have a blast playing around with templates and designs because there are so many choices!

3. Adding Texts to the Designs

PicMonkey photo editing includes hundreds of amazing fonts or you can upload one of your own font choices. You can simply do this by clicking Upload your fonts in the text menu and then select the ones you want to add.

In some cases, a font is almost similar to your need but a tweak makes it perfect. Visit the Text tab, select font, and then click Add text. A text box will appear on the image allowing you to type.

How to Use PicMonkey Like a Pro! (Tutorial) | Adding texts to designs | JUSTJESLYN.COM

The Text palette that shows up on the screen allows you to customize your text. You can use Letter spacing slider for adjusting the tracking of your letters, or you can use the Line-height slider to adjust the space between the lines of the text.

With the help of the effects tab in the Text palette, you can add shadows to your text and curve it while using the Basic tab you can change the text’s color. You can also some texture in your text or use your text as a mask for another picture.

4. Saving to the PicMonkey Cloud

After you are done with everything, your masterpiece will be saved automatically in the cloud storage of PicMonkey known as Hub.

It is your choice whether you want to organize your pictures into albums or leave them unsorted in the Hub. Hub also possesses Shared Spaces which allow you to easily share your files with your clients and your colleagues.

Since all of your work is saved in the Hub this means you can work on your images from anywhere by using the PicMonkey free mobile app by using the image editing features available in the PicMonkey app.

Give it a Try!

Whether you want to promote your business or you want to have some fun editing personal images you should definitely sign up for PicMonkey and the PicMonkey app.

Get a 7-day Free Trial at PicMonkey

Even if you just start with the free trial, you will be amazed at the awesome image editing features as compared to its competitors and with the help of this guide, you will be able to use PicMonkey photo editing like a pro!

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Learn how to use PicMonkey with this full Tutorial that will show you Editing Ideas, Font combinations, Templates, and more! This Tutorial for photo editing will help you with editing in pic monkey and making a design. Tips for PicMonkey to create stunning designs and graphics! #graphicdesign #tipsforbloggers #bloggingtips #picmonkey

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