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Instagram Reels: How to Use The New TikTok Look-alike

Instagram Reels: How to Use The New TikTok Look-alike

A few days ago I noticed everyone on Instagram was posting new short videos called Instagram Reels. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, just released this new feature which allows users to create short-form videos with music which is essentially just like TikTok.

With all the controversy surrounding TikTok recently, I actually had JUST deleted it from my phone! So, Reels came at just the right moment, and to be honest, I’ve really loved it so far!

Here’s my first Reel! ↙

How Do Instagram Reels Work?

You can use Reels to create 15-second videos all in one shot or in short segments. You can record your video in regular time, .3x, .5x, 2x, or 3x.

Then, you can add effects and music to your video or use audio from another person’s video. Finish up by adding text and stickers!

Once you’re happy with your creation, you can share your Reel as a post or to your Instagram stories.

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Where to Find Reels

Although Reels is a new feature it’s not a new app. To create and watch reel you don’t have to download anything new if you already have the Instagram app.

Simply go into where you create an Instagram story and swipe over to Reels to create a reel. To watch reels head to your explore page you will see them play at the top.

Where is Instagram Reels Available?

Reels rolled out to more than 50 countries, including the US and UK initially and will roll out to others over time. It’s a super fun new feature and I can’t wait to continue to experiment with it!

What do you think about the new Reels feature on Instagram? Have you tried it? Which do you prefer Reels or TikTok?!

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Instagram Reels: How to Use The New TikTok Look-alike | Just Jes Lyn