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Quiz: What Kind Of Coffee Suits Your Personality?

Quiz: What Kind Of Coffee Suits Your Personality?

Are you wondering what kind of coffee suits your personality? If you’re a coffee lover this quiz is for you!

Scroll down to take this quiz to find out which coffee personality you are!

Quiz: What Kind Of Coffee Suits Your Personality? | Just Jes Lyn

Is Coffee Good For You?

I’ve been seeing so much conflicting information on whether coffee is good for you or not lately and it can get pretty overwhelming.

But to be honest, isn’t that with everything? There is always going to be someone on both sides of almost everything saying it is either good or bad.

The good news is there are many studies that show coffee can have great health benefits such as decreasing the risk of cancer, protecting against kidney stones, helping with cardiovascular function, and much more.

So if you’re a coffee lover, don’t worry about whether coffee is good or bad just be sure to pick a high-quality coffee and enjoy!

The Best Type of Coffee

There are many different kinds of coffee but the most important part of finding the best coffee is whether it has been tested for toxins and mold and whether it is organic.

Many companies have organic coffee but what people don’t know is it can still have mold and other toxins in it.

Whether you like dark roast coffee or light roast the best way to find high-quality coffee is to look for mycotoxin-free organic coffee.

My go-to for coffee is Purity Coffee because they are lab-tested mold and mycotoxin free and high in antioxidants.

When I drink Purity Coffee I have less anxiety, stomach issues, and overall crash compared to drinking regular coffee.

You can try it for yourself with my code JESLYN10 for 10% off on the Purity Coffee website!