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Spotlight Organic Kapok Pillow Review You Have to Read

Spotlight Organic Kapok Pillow Review You Have to Read

Do you want bedding that is comfortable and good for your health? In this post, you’ll read about why I switched to an organic kapok pillow, the fluffiest, softest pillow ever! Keep reading for my organic kapok pillow review…


A little back story on my experience with organic bedding…

I hadn’t thought about the toxicity level of my bedding until I was pregnant with my first child.

As I started researching the best bedding for him, I realized that conventional bedding is full of toxic materials like glues and fire retardants. I knew I didn’t want my family sleeping in a toxic atmosphere.

You can read more studies and articles about conventional bedding toxicity on Savvy Rest’s website HERE.

After that, we started our journey to non-toxic bedding. Now, we sleep on organic pillows and I personally use an organic kapok pillow from Savvy Rest.

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When I first heard about the organic kapok pillow, I had no idea what it was!

I’ve tried all different kinds of pillows such as poly-fill, latex, and buckwheat hulls but kapok was new to me. Kapok is a cotton-like substance that grows from the ceiba tree.

These trees can be found in tropical climates from Mexico to West Africa.

The organic kapok pillow comes in an organic cotton casing. It’s vegan and offers luxurious softness and “fluffability” without feathers.

Therefore, It’s the perfect plant-based alternative to down. It’s super soft and so comfortable!

holding organic kapok pillow


For me choosing organic bedding was just another step on the path to creating overall daily healthy habits.

I love that the organic kapok pillow is customizable. My head and neck are petite so I’ve found that many pillows are too high for my head.

With this pillow, you can take out and put back in the kapok to make it the perfect height for your head. It’s very soft and also supportive.

In all transparency, the kapok does get pressed down and will need to be fluffed. I usually rotate my pillow each night and that works perfectly.

I also used to wake up with a sore neck and even headaches from my old pillows. Since switching to the organic kapok pillow, I haven’t had any problems with a sore neck or headaches!

To sum up, the organic kapok pillow is my favorite pillow and I can sleep on it with confidence knowing I’m not sleeping on any toxic materials!

In addition to a variety of pillows, Savvy Rest also has mattresses, furniture, pet items, and blankets.

Are you ready to start getting the rest you deserve? Grab your own organic kapok pillow here!

I hope you enjoyed this kapok pillow review! Have you tried organic bedding yet?

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