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7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need

7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need

Being organized may seem like an easy task for some but for others, it can be a challenge. (raising my hand here! lol) For those of us who need a little help in the organization department, here are 7 simple habits of organized people to help you jumpstart your journey to an organized life!

7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need|Just Jes Lyn

1. Tidy as You Go

This one is the most important! If you want to keep an organized home you have to tidy as you go. Every time you pass by something that’s out of place, simply pick it up and put it away.

This will only take you a couple of minutes at a time but it adds up and saves you time cleaning up messes later!

2. Meal Planning

We all have to eat every day and if we don’t plan out our meals we can be left feeling very unorganized. One of the best habits of organized people is that they plan their meals ahead of time to save time and money!

7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need | Meal Plan | Just Jes Lyn

3. Budgeting

Organized people always keep a budget so they know how and when to use their money. This helps to keep them stop spending unnecessary money and stay organized on where their money should go.

4. Don’t Keep Things You Don’t Love

Many times a home can become very unorganized because we keep way too many things that we don’t love or need! Organized people are continually taking inventory of their belongings and getting rid of whatever they don’t need or love.

5. Buy Less

This one goes along with the point above. If you don’t buy many things you will be able to stay more organized with the belongings you do have!

6. Write Everything Down

Organized people write everything down so they don’t forget anything they need to get done. Sticky notes work great for this!

7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need | Write Everything Down | Just Jes Lyn

7. Done is Better Than Perfect

It’s easy to think that doing things perfectly will make you more organized but that’s not always the case. Most times done is better than perfect because you can move on to the next task without wasting any of your valuable time trying to perfect each task.

I hope you enjoyed these habits of organized people. What helps keep you organized?! Share in the comments!

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7 Simple Habits of Organized People We All Need | Just Jes Lyn