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7 Spring Cleaning Hacks You’ve Been Missing (#5 Will Change Your Life!)

7 Spring Cleaning Hacks You’ve Been Missing (#5 Will Change Your Life!)

Spring cleaning is the time of year when we all open our windows to let some fresh air in and get to work on deep cleaning our homes. Spring cleaning can really be done any time of the year and with these spring cleaning hacks, it will be a breeze!

The first thing you’ll want to do is tidy up the clutter in your home. If you skip this step you’ll be wasting time picking up instead of focusing on deep cleaning.

7 Spring Cleaning Hacks You've Been Missing (#5 Will Change Your Life!) | Just Jes Lyn

For people who have already developed organizational habits, this will be a quick process but if you’re still working on this you may need to spend more time on this step to truly get rid of all the items in your home you can live without.

Next, get together all of your favorite cleaning supplies, set up your diffuser with an uplifting essential oil blend, turn on some music, and get to work!

Here are 7 spring cleaning hacks you probably aren’t using but you totally should be! (trust me – #5 is a must!!)

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Give Your Blinds A Bath

Have you ever tried cleaning your blinds but didn’t get very far? There’s the wipe-down method or maybe you have one of those little dusters made for blinds?

But no matter what they still seem dirty?! This is where people usually give up!

The key is you have to take them off the wall and give them a bath! Yes, that’s right you can actually detach them at the top and put them in the bathtub.

This way you will be able to get the wet fully and use dish soap to properly scrub them off. Then let them dry and when you put them back up they will look brand new!

Clean Your Bed

You may be thinking well I already do that all the time but I don’t mean cleaning your sheets I mean cleaning your mattress!

This task often gets overlooked but mattresses can get pretty dirty from sweat, dust, and more! Luckily the process is actually easier than you may think.

Simply strip all the sheets off and let it air out for a while with the windows open. Then sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress and let that sit for an hour or so. This will help to eat up any odors.

Then use a vacuum with a clean brush attachment to vacuum up all of the baking soda and your mattress. Your mattress will be fresh and ready for clean sheets!

Vacuum Your Ceiling

Ceilings are often forgotten but it’s important to clean them so the collected dust doesn’t fall and dirty up all of your hard work on cleaning other things!

Use a long vacuum attachment to vacuum along all the walls and in any nooks or crannies that have collected dust. If you have particularly high ceilings you may have to get a ladder for this job!

Smiley Sponge

If you haven’t used one of these cute little smiley sponges you’re in for a treat! Not only are they cute but they work on everything!

The little holes and smiley faces make washing dishes, scrubbing sinks, and more so much easier. Trust me you need one of these. Once you use one you’ll never one to clean without it!

Shower Scrubbing Made Easy

Showers can be one of the worst areas in your bathroom to clean during spring cleaning but this one of the spring cleaning hacks will make it the easiest!

Instead of letting the soap scum build up in the shower, get a fillable handle scrub brush, fill it will vinegar and dish soap, and leave it in our shower.

Once a week or so when you’re taking a shower scrub the entire inside of the shower with your brush. Then rinse everything out!

This will make cleaning your shower so much faster and easier!

Clean Your Houseplants

Don’t forget about your houseplants! They collect dust very easily and will grow much better when they are cleaned up.

Take a rag and wet it slightly. Then wipe down every little leaf!

Wash Your Walls

Washing your wall is another thing that can easily be overlooked but it’s crucial to maintaining your paint job. First, dust your walls.

Then take a rag and wet it with water and a little dish soap and start wiping your walls from top to bottom.

This job takes a little elbow grease and time but it’s so worth it to see your shining clean walls when you’re finished!

Are you feeling ready to take on your home with these spring cleaning hacks?! What spring cleaning hacks do you use in your home?! Share in the comments!

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7 Spring Cleaning Hacks You've Been Missing (#5 Will Change Your Life!) | Just Jes Lyn