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How to Use Tailwind For Instagram to Optimize Hashtags & Schedule Posts

How to Use Tailwind For Instagram to Optimize Hashtags & Schedule Posts

Have you ever wished you had an Instagram assistant? Me too!… & now with Tailwind for Instagram you can! Instagram can take up so much of your time from planning your feed to choosing hashtags and posting but it doesn’t have to…

Tailwind for Instagram just completely revamped its Instagram dashboard so it can serve as your new Instagram smart assistant. No more wasting time researching hashtags and planning. Your feed will be shining brighter than ever before!

Tailwind for Instagram helps you:

  • Visually plan your feed with a drag and drop grid planner
  • Stay consistent with built-in content plans and post inspiration
  • Confidently optimize each post to stand out with SmartSchedule & Hashtag Finder
  • Drive More Traffic 24/7 with an Auto-Updating Bio Link
  • Schedule on-the-go with revamped mobile apps
Tailwind for Instagram

Disclosure: I was compensated to create this post, though all opinions and results are my own. Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

Tailwind for Instagram Features – What’s New?!

Content Plans

Not sure what to post? I’ve been there many times! It can be hard to come up with unique content on a regular basis. Tailwind for Instagram relieves that stress with their content plans. They provide ready to use post ideas customized to your personal aesthetic or brand so you’re always ready to create. No more stressing over Instagram captions!

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You also get access to the color-coded plans on your 9-grid to help you keep track of what to post and when so you can stay consistent. I love planning out my grid because it allows me to visualize what my feed will look like and make sure I’m posting about a variety of topics.

Once you’ve planned your Instagram grid to perfection, you can use the Auto-publishing tool to post your images and videos without having to be on the app! That means more time for you to spend creating more awesome content!

Visual Planning

Planning your Instagram feed ahead of time is one of the best ways to make sure your Instagram grid is cohesive and attractive. When potential followers go to your feed you want their first impression to be a great one!

Tailwind for Instagram has added some simple, beautiful tools to make your feed come to life and look professional and organized!

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Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

As I mentioned before, it’s super helpful to visualize what your feed will look like ahead of time. With the 9-grid preview and drag-and-drop scheduling, you can make sure your feed looks exactly the way you want it to.

Smart Tools from your Smart Instagram Assistant

Tailwind’s SmartSchedule

One of the things I always used to wonder is when to post on Instagram. Now with Tailwind for Instagram, I never have to guess! They’ll help you pick the best times to post based on when your audience is most engaged so you can get the most engagement possible from each post!

Hashtag Finder + Hidden Hashtags

Tailwind’s Hashtag finder allows you to get the perfect mix of hashtags for every photo. I use this feature every time I post on Instagram!

It will give you relevant hashtag suggestions and tell you the quality of the hashtag based on how many posts it already has. There’s no point in using a hashtag that has millions of posts already because your photo will likely get lost in the crowd.

You can also save hashtag lists so you can use them later on similar posts and if you’d rather your hashtags not be published in your caption, Tailwind for Instagram can automatically publish them as the first comment!

Tailwind offers a forever free link in bio tool called that allows you to create a branded landing page that sends a never-ending stream of traffic from your Instagram bio to your most important content. For more information about, read my full review.

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But wait, There’s More!

In addition to the tools I mentioned above, Tailwind for Instagram also offers a ton of other really useful features such as tagging users and locations, scheduling videos and stories, Unsplash integration for professional stock photos, photo cropping, batch scheduling, and more! Plus they are 100% safe to use because Tailwind is an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner tool!

Try Tailwind Free Trial

If you’re looking to stay organized and build more consistency on Instagram you should definitely give Tailwind for Instagram a try! If you pay annually it will only cost you $9.99 per month ( $119 per year.) If you want to pay on a monthly basis, it will cost $15 per month.

It’s totally worth it for all the amazing features you’ll have access to like knowing when to post, which hashtags to use, and auto-posting.

If you’d like to try it out today, you can get a FREE TRIAL for Tailwind through this link. You won’t even have to enter your credit card information so there’s no risk! I know if you try it out today you’re going to love it!

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