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Advantages Of Network Marketing: 8 Reasons You Should Join An MLM

Advantages Of Network Marketing: 8 Reasons You Should Join An MLM

Are you wondering about the advantages of network marketing? MLMs or network marketing companies sometimes get a bad reputation. You’ll hear things like… no one makes any money or you’ll annoy your loved ones, you’ll sell your soul and there will be no turning back!

A little dramatic, I know! But what if you could really work from anywhere from your phone and find freedom in your life and finances? It’s 2021 and things have changed!

The thing is not all MLMs are created equally and there are a ton of amazing companies doing network marketing right! When it’s done correctly it can be a highly profitable and freedom producing opportunity!

Today, I’m sharing the real facts about network marketing!

Advantages Of Network Marketing: 8 Reasons You Should Join An MLM | Just Jes Lyn

What is Network Marketing?

So, what is network marketing? Well, network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), is a multi-level marketing business model where distributors make a portion of the revenue from the products they sell as well as the products the distributors under them sell. Depending on the company you work for there are also many bonuses and incentives.

Multi-level marketing provides a unique opportunity for those who don’t want to be tied down by an employer, who want to work from home and grow their own business on their own terms. That being said in order to be successful at network marketing you must be self-motivated.

Advantages of Network Marketing

If done correctly there are so many advantages of network marketing! It’s a social selling business. Social selling is when someone simply shares about a product they use and love in their own lives as a form of marketing through word of mouth vs. the traditional way to market through ads plastered everywhere.

Networking is about cultivating relationships, honest, authentic, genuine, relationships. Being bold and intentional in how you share the products of your company and the business opportunity is what will bring momentum into your network marketing business.

So here are 8 reasons you SHOULD join the right MLM

If you want to step outside of the norm and pursue a business that will add freedom to your life then trying the right network marketing business is a perfect idea for you!

1. You Can Earn an Income IF You Put in the Work

If you take a quick peek at most MLM income disclosures you’ll see that a large percentage of people aren’t making money… BUT wait, stay with me. That’s because there are tons and tons of product users who do NOT pursue the business. They join a network marketing company simply to buy the products so, of course, they aren’t making any money but they get lumped into the data.

On the other hand, when you make the decision to work the business you can scale up the ranks and earn a substantial paycheck based on how much work you put in. The best part? The income is residual.

Most people work a job their entire lives to see little or no pay raises over their lifetime. Residual income means you continue to generate money after your initial work is done! The business investment is simply buying the products so you can use them in order to share them with other people.

2. You Can Choose a Product You Love

One of the many advantages of network marketing is MLMs are not what they used to be. Now instead of focusing on recruiting, you can join an MLM who’s products you truly love. When you do this you will already have a passion for your work. When people see your excitement and passion for your products it will make them want to use them as well!

This, in turn, will help you to gain enrollments and progress your business. Choose a company whose products you would be talking about even if you weren’t going to make one penny!

3. You Get to Work With Like-Minded People

Network marketing is all about networking. Once you begin to build your business you will be surrounded by like-minded people who also have a passion for their work.

This is not your momma’s MLM. Nowadays your upline is there to help you, to teach you, and they want you to succeed! The support you receive is unbelievable. When you join me, we provide a full business internship and so many business resources!

4. You Won’t Need to Recruit Your Family and Friends

It’s 2021 and there’s a little thing called the internet! Back in the day MLMs were notorious for advising people to go to their friends and family first. That is a tactic of the past because now with the internet you can find your target market and market your product to the people who actually already want it! How cool is that?!

Sure maybe your friends and family might want in as well but let them come to you. This will take off the pressure and ensure you don’t ruin any of your close relationships. One of the huge advantages of network marking is that it’s one of the many ways you can make money on Instagram and other social media networks!

5. Your Upline Wants You to Succeed

People seem to think one of the disadvantages of network marketing is that only the higher-ups make any money. Maybe this used to happen in the old days but now I have seen nothing but support from my upline.

Think about it. It’s common sense. If you sign up for an MLM the person above you makes money when you make money so they should WANT you to succeed. That means they are going to be willing and ready to pour into your with their best advice and mentorship. Then you will be able to do the same in your own business. It truly is a business where we rise by lifting others!

That being said, it matters who you sign up with! Don’t just pick a random MLM and a random person to sign up with. Pick a company whose products you love and a person who is passionate about pouring into and growing their business!

6. You’ll Be Given All The Resources You Need

As I mentioned above it matters who you sign up with. Before you jump in be sure to ask the person you are considering what kind of resources you’ll be given after you sign up. Will there be a business mentorship? Will you receive free scripts and graphics to help you grow your business?

All of these things matter so much to the success of your network marketing business because if you join with little to no support it’s going to make your journey very lonely and hard!

Start your business with me and you’ll get: a strong community: product and business FB groups, daily education, classes, videos, guides, business mentorship, business strategies, class scripts, photos for use, guidance, and more! Fill out this application to see if it’s a good fit!

7. You’re in Control of Your Own Business

The difference between a job and network marketing is you get back what you put in. If you don’t work hard you probably won’t make much money but if you do you have unlimited potential!

You can give yourself bonuses and raises by working harder and smarter and creating relationships with your team and customers. What would your life look like if you could find freedom in your finances and take your work life into your own hands? Check out these success stories!

8. Network Marketing Has Changed – This is Not Your Momma’s MLM

When you join the right multilevel marketing company, you’ll have the opportunity to work from anywhere on your laptop or phone and create freedom in your finances and your life.

If you would’ve told me 6 months ago that I would be in network marketing I would’ve said you’re crazy! I’ve had a lot of work-from-home jobs… freelance work, tutoring, being an “influencer” & yes they all made me money but they weren’t scalable.

I felt stagnant in my growth or I felt burnt out with the number of emails I had to send daily to find brands to work with. It was exhausting and I didn’t feel like I was truly building towards a future. I wanted to level up if you know what I mean.

Fast forward to today… I received my first ever paycheck from my network marketing business. It feels really good knowing it’s only an upward climb from here. It takes hard work just like every other work-from-home job but the difference is it’s scalable and it’s for everyone who wants to work hard and stay home with their babies while they’re doing it!

No more working hard knowing I won’t ever get a raise. No more contacting a million brands to work with 5. Now I have the freedom to share what I was already passionate about … health and wellness!! & I get to help other people find freedom in their own health & wellness journey and their finances!

Now that you’ve learned the advantages of network marketing, what’s holding you back from trying it for yourself?!

Do you want to join me and work from home, finding freedom in your wellness and finances? All it takes is a yes to change your life. If you’re ready to jump in, fill out this application.

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Advantages Of Network Marketing: 8 Reasons You Should Join An MLM | Just Jes Lyn