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How to Create A Free Vogue Cover Template in Seconds!

Looking for a Vogue cover template TikTok or other social media? The Vogue challenge, when you take your photo and make it into a Vogue cover has been blowing up on social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Now you can get a gorgeous Vogue cover template TikTok from Canva for free to customize in seconds!

Canva just released brand new Vogue cover templates for TikTok and other socials that you can edit using the app or on desktop. The reason I love them so much is that there are a ton of vogue magazine templates choose from!

That means you can find a unique design to stand out from the crowd on TikTok and Instagram with a vogue cover template for 2020!

Vogue Cover Template for TikTok (Customize in Seconds!) | Just Jes Lyn

Here’s how to get started now!…

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Vogue TikTok Template!

Step One:

Open the Canva app on your phone. Then search TikTok Magazine Cover at the top.

You will see tons of gorgeous magazine covers to choose from that can be edited in seconds!

Vogue Cover for TikTok (Customize in Seconds!) | Just Jes Lyn

Step Two:

Choose the vogue cover challenge template you want to use and then click on edit. It will then open up to the vogue template you chose.

Just Jes Lyn

Step Three:

Once you’re in the editing screen, tap something to start editing. You can change the background photo and all of the different text boxes.

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Try playing around with different texts and photos until you find what works for you.

Vogue Cover Template for TikTok (Customize in Seconds!) | Just Jes Lyn

Step Four:

Keep customizing the text and photo until you’re happy with your vogue template! When you click each element you will see it outlined as you can see in the photo below.

Vogue Cover Template for TikTok (Customize in Seconds!) | Just Jes Lyn

Once you’re happy with your vogue template download it by clicking the arrow at the top and you can save your vogue cover as a png. Then you will be able to share on social using #voguecoverchallenge and #vogueshallenge!

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Have you tried using a vogue magazine template? If you use this tutorial tag me on Insta: @jes.lyn. Have fun!