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Your Work-from-Home Outfit Based on Enneagram Type

Your Work-from-Home Outfit Based on Enneagram Type

Can you believe it’s officially passed the one-year anniversary of most of us working from home?

Working from home means you can wear your pajamas all day and never leave your bed. 😆 Sounds pretty nice, right?

But as a work-from-home mom myself, I know that changing out of the clothes you slept in can do wonders for your motivation and productivity!

Sometimes it’s nice to put on something that’s not only comfortable but also cute! It doesn’t have to be a complicated outfit but something you truly love.

Your Work-from-Home Outfit Based on Enneagram Type | Just Jes Lyn

That’s why it’s so fun to pick an outfit based on your enneagram type! Havent heard of the enngeagram?

It’s a personality test that is shockingly accurate! You can take the test here. Then come back and check out your outfit!

So, here are the best work-from-home outfits for comfort and style based on your Enneagram type!

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Type 1

Type 1s are well-organized, orderly, and un-fussy which means they have working from home totally under control.

A neutral-colored crop sweater and leggings make a perfect minimalist look!

sweater // leggings

Type 2

Type twos are friendly, warm-hearted, and tend to be homebodies so they’re loving working from home.

A matching sweat set is the perfect cute and comfy outfit.

sweatshirt // sweatpants

Type 3

Type 3s are poised, confident, and goal-oriented. Even at home, they’re keeping it classy with a cardigan + cami combo and chic lounge pants.

cardigan // camisole // lounge pants

Type 4

Type 4s are all about having individual style while staying focused on working from home.

A pair of moto leggings with a cool sweater will do the trick!

sweatshirt // leggings

Type 5

Type 5s are deep thinkers who have a great sense of style. A casual yet cheeky graphic tee and cute black joggers make the perfect work-from-home outfit for enneagram type 5!

graphic tee // joggers

Type 6

Type 6s are reliable, hard-working, and ready to put in the work at home. A comfy sweater and cute lounge shorts will keep them prepared and comfortable all day!

sweatshirt // lounge shorts

Type 7

Type 7s are playful, high-spirited, and practical. A trendy sweater with basic leggings makes the perfect combo for work-from-home fun!

sweatshirt // leggings

Type 8

Type 8s are self-confident, strong, and assertive. They’re ready for anything from workouts to video conferences with a black on black outfit!

sweater // leggings

Type 9

Type 9s are accepting, trusting, and stable. They’re the ones holding everyone together while wearing a cashmere matching sweat set with a cup of tea in hand!

hoodie // shorts