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15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!)

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a smooth close shave. Silky smooth legs leave you feeling refreshed but have you found the best shaving cream yet?

Are you looking for a zero waste shaving cream? Well, you’re in the right place!

Shaving is a part of most men’s and women’s lives, some daily, and some less. But no matter how often we pick up a razor we can all agree that it’s important to avoid irritation from toxic products and unnecessary waste.

Many products contain artificial fragrance and are very wasteful like aerosol cans used for traditional shaving cream and disposable razors!

Recently I started going through all the products I use making sure they contain only natural ingredients and the least amount of waste. There are toxins hiding in everything from tampons to deodorant!

Downsizing in the self-care area is truly life-changing believe me!

I started by switching out all my skincare for just a simple homemade tallow balm. It’s zero waste and makes my skin so smooth!

There is just so much less to shop for and keep track of in your shower and you can feel great about the impact you’re leaving on the planet when you go waste free. Sometimes the best way to do something is actually to simplify it!

You may be thinking well how do I start shaving without any waste?

I’ve rounded up the best zero waste shaving soap and creams that will reduce waste and razor burn leaving even the most sensitive skin silky smooth! Plus I added some zero waste razors at the end of this post that you won’t want to miss!

1) Tierra Mia Organics Shave Soap Bar

Tierra Mia shave soap bars are made with raw goat’s milk using only natural and organic ingredients. They are made without sulfates, parabens, or chemical preservatives.

This soap is zero waste and will help to restore your skin to its natural pH levels, with beneficial nutrients to help your skin because of the capric and caprylic acids found in the raw goat’s milk!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

2) Ethique Solid Shampoo and Shaving Bar

Ethique is a vegan bar specially made to work as both a shampoo and shave bar. It has kaolin clay, cocoa butter, and glycerin with orange, lime & mint oils for clean citrus and mint scent.

The rich and soft lather works to life hairs for a close smooth shave. These bars are pH balanced, palm-oil free, and aluminum free. They are packaged in fully recyclable and compostable boxes!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

3) Badger Shaving Soap Puck

The Badger shaving puck is enriched with soothing aloe vera and moisturizing coconut oil. It is made from all-natural ingredients and produces a lighter lather than conventional shaving soaps.

This means it will leave your skin soft and clean without residue and dryness.

Badger shave soap has low furocoumarin bergamot which is a non-photosensitizing essential oil. That means it won’t cause a skin reaction when exposed to the sun. It is also free of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, or harsh ingredients.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

4) Olive Oil

Olive oil is the perfect oil to be used as a shaving cream as it is very moisturizing for the skin. It also works as a lubricant for the skin so your razor can easily glide over your skin and prevents water loss keeping your skin from drying out.

When choosing olive oil be sure to look for organic olive oil in a glass bottle to keep it zero waste!

5) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another oil that is a great option for zero-waste shaving. It is great for your skin and smells amazing!

Just like the olive oil you need to make sure to buy organic coconut oil in a glass jar! Get it on amazon and you’ll get free shipping!

6) MoonDance Shave Soap

MoonDance shaving soaps are handmade and provide the rich lather you need for a close shave. They are hand-crafted, hand-cut, and hand-packaged.

These shave soaps are made with bentonite clay and wheat germ oil which allows the razor to glide across your skin for a smooth and close shave every time. They use a process where the curing time is 2 weeks or more to make the best soap possible!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

7) MÜHLE Shaving Soap

MÜHLE soap produces a rich, creamy lather and can be used with a shaving brush. It is made primarily from natural plant materials and is free of preservatives and contains trace elements and minerals.

They are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who have the same high standards.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

8) Castor Oil

Castor oil is a very thick oil so it makes an ideal barrier between your skin and the razor. Since it is very thick you’ll want to use hot water to wash it off.

To keep it zero waste be sure to get organic castor oil in a glass bottle.

9) Zero Waste Shaving Kit

If you’d rather get everything together this zero waste shaving kit is perfect for you! It comes with a safety razor, hemp carrying bag, 1 oz. shaving soap, vegan shaving brush, and a year’s supply of extra blades (30 blades)!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

10) Van Der Hagen Fragrance-Free Shave Soap

Van Der Hagan shave soap is fragrance-free and plastic free. It is made with a blend of mango Butter, shea butter, and cocoa Butter. This soap gives a smooth close shave and lubricates the skin to prevent razor burn.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

11) Lather & Wood Shaving Soap

Lather & Wood is plastic free and made from ingredients like tallow and shea butter. This gives it a slippery lather that will moisturize skin and protect your skin from shaving irritation!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

12) Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap

Men’s Soap Company shaving soap works great for men or women and is all natural with minimal ingredients. It is made of naturally derived vegan plant ingredients. It is also free from toxins, parabens, sulfates, and dyes.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

13) Bambaw Silver Double Edge Safety Razor 

The Bambaw silver safety razor will give you a close shave with no more ingrown hairs. This plastic-free razor is made from high-quality, durable materials. It is the ideal zero waste gift.

Once you have this safety razor, you only need to buy the replacement blades which will save you money in the long run!

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

14) WLDOHO Double Edge Safety Razor

The WLDOHO double-edge safety razor is designed to glide smoothly over your skin, giving close and smooth shaves without ingrown hair or skin irritation. It is an eco-friendly safety razor that will reduce waste.

It is plastic free with a wooden handle and it comes with 5 shaving blades.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

15) Jungle Culture Metal Safety Razor

Jungle Culture’s metal safety razor is a double-edged and zero waste safety razor. It produces a comfortable and safe shaving experience for both men and women without the chemicals normally found on the moisturizing strip of regular razors.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel and will last you a long time.

Jungle Culture is a member of the 1% for the planet global organization and movement. They pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!) | Just Jes Lyn

Zero Waste Shaving Routine

With all of these great options, it will be easy to switch to a zero waste lifestyle using natural shaving soap and eco friendly razors. It might take some time to get used to especially if you’re used to shaving foam but you will be so glad you did!

Not only are you helping the environment by going waste free but you are also ditching the toxic chemicals that are in regular shaving creams and on the moisturizing strip of disposable razor blades!

Looking for more natural hair removal options? Try these DIY eyebrow waxing recipes!

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15 Zero Waste Shaving Creams (Best Eco-Friendly Picks!)